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With hundreds of Canva templates, some Adobe templates for the more advanced designers, mini-trainings and more, consider the School Comms Lab membership as your go-to school communications tool.

Why a strategy is your key to school communications success

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How to customize hundreds of templates

Content creation 101

The importance of school branding

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"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion it has taken place."


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No more searching through expensive stock sites for a design that's appropriate for education.

No more begging your employees to stick with your school's colors and style in their materials.

No more training people over and over again on why branding matters.

No more trying to design your own personal, cohesive marketing materials.


Imagine if you could wave goodbye to creative blocks while saving time AND money

School leaders, communicators and educators:


Templates, downloads, resources and trainings!

YouTube channel and podcast station graphic templates

Vision board and board component downloads and templates

Marketing material templates such as brochures, viewbooks and annual reports

On-demand mini-courses and trainings for communications strategy and tactical topics

Downloadable and customizable blog, newsletter, comms plans and public relations resources

Certificate and award templates

Classroom/school resource templates like Meet the Teacher sheets, tip sheets, virtual classroom backgrounds and newsletters

Instagram engagement posts such as Instagram puzzles, carousels and Stories

100+ social media templates

As of 8.31.21, with new templates and resources added monthly.

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You get access to hundreds of Canva templates to use not only for your class or school communications, but also for your own personal social media accounts. Remember: everything is customizable, so if you see a template you like, swap out the colors and fonts for your brand and, voila!

You'll also get Adobe templates and access to mini-trainings, in addition to new files updated monthly. Pay once a year and never skip a beat!

The BEST deal!

The Annual Membership 


In need of more than one seat? This membership is customizable for your school or district's needs.

The District Membership

Give the people in your school or district the tools they need to created branded social media accounts, newsletters, flyers and school-wide resources with the District Membership.

They'll also get access to communications trainings to help them better understand strategy, tactics and so much more, saving you time AND money.

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The trainings included in the Director-level membership really helped me understand why I need a cohesive personal brand and walked me through things like messaging and planning out content. In just a few short hours on the weekend, I created enough materials for my site and Instagram account to last more than a month!"

"I can't believe how easy it was to tweak the templates for my own personal brand! My Instagram followers shot up by 10% in just a week!


I've learned so much from Amanda on Clubhouse, YouTube and her trainings inside the Academy membership that it's literally like she has been personally guiding us in communications, marketing and admissions best practices. We were even able to secure more donations utilizing some of the storytelling methods she teaches. Thank you, Amanda, because we never would have been able to do this on our own!"

"As the head of a small school with limited resources, I appreciate the opportunity to have an experienced school communications director guiding me.


I'm pretty skilled in creating my own materials for my district, but I was really craving a bit more creativity...I just didn't have the time or headspace to get as creative as I wanted.

The Creator membership gives me access to hundreds of templates that, in just a few clicks, I can customize with our district's colors and logos. The best part is that the membership inspired me to create a bunch of new materials for our district that really echo our brand. Everything is fresh and cohesive, and everyone loves what I put together. Thank you for what you do because initially, I didn't think I needed this service--now, I can't do my job without it!"

"My district communications office is a one-person shop: ME. And, there's no money in he budget to hire additional help.


“A gifted writer and marketer, Amanda possesses a keen understanding of the link between audiences and organizations. Witty, personable and incredibly smart, she is the first person I call when I need professional communications advice.”

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ok, I'm intrigued. tell me more!

I believe communications is both an art AND a science.

I believe EVERY school is full of rich stories that need to be told...the stories of teachers, students, staff, alumni, families and community partners.

I believe if we don't tell the stories of our school, someone else will...and we might not like the narrative.

I believe in communications strategy, but also following your gut when it comes to design.

I believe that we should share our experiences and knowledge. Why not help someone else who needs it (plus, it helps with knowledge retention and transfer!).

I believe school communications can be fun, creative AND effective.

Hi, I'm Amanda.