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Last year, I created this handy-dandy checklist because my girls’ school was not allowing locker usage, so they had to trek things back and forth every day.

Get this easy-to-tweak template here!

Needless to say, something was always forgotten either by them or me, so I came up with a list of things they needed on most days, opened up Canva, tweaked a few things, and, voila!

So, I thought I’d offer up my Daily School Checklist in a template version for anyone who can use it: parents, teachers, school administrators, etc. Here’s how it works:

Boom! All done.

I hope this helps everyone stay a bit more organized (and calm) during the morning rush this school year.

Is there another template you’d find helpful? If so, leave me a comment below, and I’ll see what I can put together!

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