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Communicating with parents is a two-way street

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Ahh…parents. Whether you are one or not, you probably grew up with them. As a teacher, administrator or school communicator, […]

Parents: Your Closest Allies and Your Biggest Critics

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

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We were absolutely thrilled when we heard Chana Joffe-Walt’s recent segment on This American Life about choosing a song for […]

Songs for Your School’s Slideshow When No One Can Agree

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Update and customize this FREE Daily School Checklist template in just a few minutes!

FREE TEMPLATE: Daily School Checklist

Dr. Amanda Holdsworth interviewing a teacher for brand research

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No one likes the pandemic. But, before you send a nasty email or make a negative comment about your school, think about who is on the receiving end.

A Plea For The New School Year

Books for school communicators

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Our picks for the books school communicators should add to their summer reading list Though school may be out for […]

The Top 8 Books for School Communicators

Onboarding for brand success

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NOTE: This post is an altered version of an article I wrote for the international magazine, CASE Currents, which was […]

How to Create a Brand Ambassador Program

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Time to step away from the same old programs you’ve been using for years and try some (or all) of my top 10 recommended school communications tools.

Top 10 School Communications Tools

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I believe communications is both an art AND a science.

I believe EVERY school is full of rich stories that need to be told...the stories of teachers, students, staff, alumni, families and community partners.

I believe if we don't tell the stories of our school, someone else will...and we might not like the narrative.

I believe in communications strategy, but also following your gut when it comes to design.

I believe that we should share our experiences and knowledge. Why not help someone else who needs it (plus, it helps with knowledge retention and transfer!).

I believe school communications can be fun, creative AND effective.

Hi, I'm Amanda. 


After days of meetings that never seem to end, your creativity is probably zapped.

Have no fear because my Unleash Your Creativity e-book is here! Click below to get your workbook full of tips and exercises to get your creative juices flowing. 

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