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Welcome to the School Comms Lab Blog

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Working with vendors can be daunting. As someone who worked in-house in communications for many years, I know how it […]

7 Things I Wish I Knew About Working With Vendors When I Was In-House

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Gabby’s transcript: On August 2, more than 600 new teachers were greeted by cheerleaders and a marching band at Park […]

The Beyond Grades Podcast Episode 2: Why a new generation of educators is staying as so many others leave


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I’ll cut to the chase: refreshing your brand, updating your website and changing your entire member portal and platform in […]

Massive Back-to-School Discount on Memberships


Checking out a school's website on a laptop

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California students can now get more rest – listen in.

The Beyond Grades Podcast Episode 1: California Students Can Hit Snooze One More Time


You snooze, you win podcast promo

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NOTE: I wrote this article for NSPRA in 2019, prior to the pandemic, but the information is still solid. It […]

Improve Your School’s Culture Through Onboarding

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I still remember sitting down to write my college essay— ironic that now I am here to help from the […]

Why You Don’t Need an Extraordinary Plot to Attract People and Sell Your Story


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Ahh…parents. Whether you are one or not, you probably grew up with them. As a teacher, administrator or school communicator, […]

Parents: Your Closest Allies and (Sometimes) Your Biggest Critics

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Communicating with parents is a two-way street

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In the 21st century, social media has become an integral part of communication. News, trends, ideas, and culture are shared […]

School Communications Tips for Each Form of Social Media

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Social media tips for schools

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Everyone is getting in on the game of influencer marketing–big box stores, car manufacturers, apparel, even bars and restaurants. Although […]

What I Wish I Knew Before Partnering With an Influencer for My School’s Marketing


Considering using an influencer for your school's marketing campaign?

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We were absolutely thrilled when we heard Chana Joffe-Walt’s recent segment on This American Life about choosing a song for […]

Songs for Your School’s Slideshow When No One Can Agree

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